gluten free vegan sugar cookies! they are so good! i learned that when you are baking you can replace one cup of butter with 3/4 cups canola oil which was very helpful but kind of smelly before it is baked. the cookies are a little crumbly because of the gluten-freeness but they are very tasty. they are not perfectly white because i replaced the golden flax seed in the recipe with regular milled flax seed and i used granulated sugar because i could not find any powdered sugar. these cookies were such a success considering the last fiasco with the crumbly zucchini bread!

gluten free vegan zucchini bread! it tastes great but it is VERY CRUMBLY! typical gluten free recipe. in regards to bread i want to try a banana bread that is gluten free; however, it is hard not to have milk or butter in it. anyways, i went on my adventure and i found that crumbly bread is tasty but also very messy!


going to try to attempt a gluten free, vegan zucchini bread (replacing the wheat flour with gluten free flower)

first dish! I substituted the turkey sausage for chicken. i used olive oil instead of butter. there is no garlic or soy sauce, both of which are on my list of do not eat. the noodles are gluten free. it was delicious and very simple! olive oil, sausage, and chopped veggies in a frying pan along with the pasta boiling in another saucepan. prep time two minutes. cook time ten minutes! my tummy is happy.

be the change you want to see in the world;;mahatma gandhi

i found out that i was sensitive to a lot of foods that are commonly used in EVERYTHING (ex: wheat, gluten, milk, egg yolk, soy, almonds, etc.) therefore i have decided to start a blog where i post different meals i make that have no foods that i am sensitive too. hopefully i inspire people to eat foods that they prepare for themselves, follow a more wholesome diet, and also listen to what their bodies are saying to them. feel free to comment and give suggestions. enjoy!